What’s Your Big Why?

“Until thought is linked with purpose there is no intelligent accomplishment”

-James Allen, As A Man Thinketh

Do you know WHY you do what you do? Sure, you do what you do, because you have a talent or gift for what you do, need to support yourself, or perhaps just “fell” into your career. But what’s your BIG purpose?

What’s the BIG WHY behind what you’re doing? It is absolutely crucial to figure out your BIG WHY for several reasons:

1-Your BIG WHY is the reason you get up every morning and go to work.

2-It’s what keeps you anchored and unwavering, during those dark and challenging times in your business. It’s why you continue to take one step forward and continue on-even though at times, it seems so bleak in the moment.

3-People buy your “why”, not the “how” or “what” you do-they buy the “why”.

My “BIG WHY” is because of my mother. My mother was a brilliant, talented, highly intuitive, sensitive person who later on in life went back to school and completed her undergraduate degree, then went on to get her master’s degree-getting straight A’s throughout. Unfortunately, she grew up in a family that did not value her gifts, nor gave her much encouragement. They told her she would never be anything but someone’s wife.

After she attained all her degrees, she had lots ideas for starting a business, but was never able to even get started on any of them, because of her low self-confidence, low self-esteem and her mindset. Her parent’s told her she would never be able to do anything, so she believed them and she didn’t. My mother passed away from lung cancer at the age of 56.

I started my business, Higher Performing People, because I am passionate about helping people tap into their gifts and reach their full potential-no matter what someone told them in the past, or in spite of the messages they give themselves. I fully believe people are capable of so much more than they sometimes see for themselves!

So what’s your “BIG WHY”? Because if you aren’t experiencing the abundance you want, something’s keeping you from believing in your abundance and you don’t actually expect it. Getting plugged into your “BIG WHY” is a great start.

Assignment: On a sheet of paper, draw three concentric circles (being sure that in the middle, all three circles overlap each other). Answer the following questions:

  • When you think about being of service to others through your work, where do you get the most joy?
  • What comes naturally to you that you love doing?
  • What could you do all day for free?

Be honest-these are your answers, not what someone else wants for you, or thinks you should be doing!

Thinking about what stirs your soul-in the first circle, put in your first passion, in the second circle put in your second passion, then in the third circle put your third passion. It is possible to have more than three passions, but try to limit this exercise to your top three. Make sure one of your passions has a “who” to it, for example, entrepreneurs, leaders, kids, women, men etc.

Look at your three passions and give some thought to “why” you picked these three. What experiences in your life led you to these three passions? In the middle-where all three circles intersect-is your “BIG WHY”. For example, my three passions are: entrepreneurs, people reaching their full potential and teaching.

This exercise should help you determine your “BIG WHY”. Once you can articulate your “BIG WHY”, it can help you make a commitment to your business or profession. It becomes the anchor. If what you came up with is very different than what you’re doing right now-then just sit with it. Don’t judge it and don’t worry about the “how”. Because the “how” won’t show up until you’ve committed to the “WHY”.

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