I believe that investing in a coach is making a commitment to you being all you can be.

Really. ALL YOU CAN BE. No limits.

I work with high-performing and extraordinary people like you, who put their heads and their hearts into work and life. And, I help people realize their visions.

I begin by listening to their story. And, I help them write their futures.

Coaching is not an easy process. Clients do the work. I hold them accountable, which is often the hardest part. So often in business, people have great intentions, but where the rubber meets the road, they get stuck.

I get people unstuck. I move them in the direction of their hopes and dreams. I help them uncover their gifts. I offer fresh ideas, practical solutions, support, and, ultimately, results.

Who you are:

You are an entrepreneur or solopreneur within the first few years of starting your business and usually making $75k or less in your own business. You’re talented, bright, gifted and super motivated but haven’t quite figured out how to fully bring that gift into the world. You have a lot to offer your clients, love what you do and are super committed, but tired of doing “just okay” in your business.  It’s time to “step it up” become more organized, productive, and accountable and to make a lot more money at it.  It’s time to “play a bigger game”.

What your issues tend to be:

You are incredibly passionate about your business; in fact it’s your calling.  But you are lacking the confidence to do as much marketing, selling and networking that’s required to become successful.  You haven’t developed good boundaries for yourself, so you often feel squeezed from all sides:  business, family and friends.  You are doing everything yourself because you don’t feel you can afford the help you need for support in your business or projects around the house.  There’s a lot of energy going out-but not a lot coming in.  You aren’t taking care of yourself the way you’d like, not getting enough sleep, exercise or eating as healthy as you’d like because you are working long hours in your business, trying to make it work.  If you’re really honest, you sometimes experience self-doubt, wondering if you’re really cut out to be successful in your own business.

What you need most right now:

Your primary focus needs to be in creating a strategy for marketing more effectively, developing systems to create more organization and productivity in your business.  It’s all about creating the plan, and then IMPLEMENTING the plan consistently so you can create daily, weekly and monthly accountability measures so you implement faster and stay focused in your vision.  At the same time it’s about overcoming your fear of sales, networking, marketing, creating better boundaries in your life and more self-care.  Then it’s all about creating specific goals, creating the focus and accountability you need to move your business forward past the “just doing okay” phase so you see greater results and feel even more successful in your own business.

How can I help?

If you are ready RIGHT NOW to take the first step towards becoming a Higher Performing person in your business and life, then CONGRATULATIONS!  The best place to start is to schedule a complimentary 15-20 minute “Getting to Know You” phone call with me to see if I can help you.  I can get to know you and your business better and you will have an opportunity to experience me as a coach.  I am selective in who I work with, so this conversation is to see what big results we might be able to create by working together!

Click on the button below and let’s talk to see if we’re a good match and if one of my programs is a perfect fit for you!  I look forward to hearing from you!