“What I love about Mandy is that she combines practical business knowledge and accountability with a deep understanding of what makes people tick. Not only has she helped me move my business forward in many ways, she has also helped me to get out of my own way. Since working with Mandy, I have developed better business goals, created a newsletter, started doing speaking engagements, and am in closer contact with my ideal clients.

Mandy has also gone out of her way to be available and support me when I needed a little extra help or a little bit of a push. She is always positive and ready to listen to what I have to say, giving encouragement and practical advice. I could not have come this far without her.”

– Stacey Houghtaling
The Balance and Sense Smart Mama Support System

“I am so thankful that I found Mandy Schumaker and Higher Performing People.

To have someone with Mandy’s experience and professionalism focused on my business has been amazing, empowering and transformative.

Since working with Mandy, I’ve been able to work through many of the roadblocks–mental and otherwise–that were preventing me from moving forward and succeeding in the way that I wanted to and that I knew was possible.
Now I’ve been able to better focus on income-producing activities, make better long-term decisions and take more risks.

With Mandy’s help I’ve been able to:
-Meet more ideal clients and like-minded business professionals who are ‘playing a bigger game’
-Identify weaknesses in my business model and focus on the fundamentals, leading to a healthier business
-Put myself ‘out there’ in a bigger way, reaching out to prospects and networking in more effective ways.”

– Brian Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald Photo

“As an entrepreneur working from home and a busy Mom to three young boys, I found it difficult to juggle multiple demands on my time and carve out a schedule that allowed me to stay focused and productive with my business while keeping my life in balance. Before working with Mandy, I lacked clearly defined short term goals, targeted revenue generating activities, a workable schedule, and an accountability partner. I was scrambling to keep up with all the aspects of my business and experiencing frustration despite my hard effort and time.

After working with Mandy I know precisely what needs to be done to achieve my financial goals, have a flexible but defined schedule and have developed habits that help me stay on task despite distractions and challenges. Mandy’s Daily Accountability Reminder is a great tool to plan your day and get started in the right direction.

Mandy is a gifted business coach who thoughtfully helps me confront my biggest fears and challenges, and motivates me to take action to successfully to achieve my goals. I highly recommend that by working with Mandy you will be amazed by the personal and professional transformation!”

– Sara Page
Senior Manager and Certified Trainer, Send Out Cards

“Working with Mandy is one of the smartest – and most cost effective – decisions I made in starting my business. It’s not hard to make mistakes in getting any new business off the ground, but Mandy has helped me to avoid the costly ones and has kept me focused on the things that will help me to grow my business faster.

People think they can cut corners and not hire a coach or that they can’t afford one. That’s absolutely the wrong way of looking at it. The money I have saved by working with Mandy far exceeds the cost of working with her, She has saved me so much more money than her fees have cost. Mandy is the best investment I could have made.

And more than just saving me money, Mandy is a knowledgeable, supportive and a very effective resource, who genuinely cares about my success. I highly recommend her as a business coach!”

– Pat Boden
President Casco Bay Networking, LLC

“Many sole proprietors fail because they try to survive in isolation, too proud or close-minded to admit that an outside perspective could help improve their confidence, focus or profitability. I knew better. I knew I needed Mandy Schumaker.

Mandy has been a tremendous partner, a confidant and a mentor. She’s expert at recognizing the roots of the impediments I encounter and holds me accountable as we navigate past them. Mandy knows when a small business owner needs a boost or when they need some tough love, not because she’s read it in a book, but because she’s personally experienced it all before.

Since I started working with Mandy, I’ve never been happier professionally and I’ve more than doubled my client base. She’s been an irreplaceable resource to my company and I could not recommend her more.”

– Daryn Demeritt
CEO/Founder, D2 Public Affairs

“Mandy has helped me set important goals, take practical steps toward achieving them, and better organize my freelance science writing and editing business. For example, within a month of our work together, I renegotiated a contract at rate that better reflected my years of experience as a science writer. Mandy was available and supportive every step of the way and helped me better appreciate my skills, worth and the caliber of my work. At the same time, she has helped me organize my business in ways that better serve my clients. Thanks to Mandy’s practical planning suggestions, I’m less frazzled and better able to set realistic goals and meet multiple, intense deadlines.

I think what sets Mandy apart, however, is that she is a profoundly gifted listener and a creative problem-solver who is also high-powered, smart, good-humored and kind. That is a rare combination. In addition to helping me set practical goals for my business, Mandy is also helping me take steps toward achieving a dream: a book that has been in the gestation process for several years. ”

– Kim Ridley
Science Writer/Editor, Ridley Editorial, LLC

Mandy has been immensely vital in the development of my business in the past 6 months. Before working with Mandy, I wasn’t always comfortable pushing myself into places I knew I “should be” in my business, because it is difficult to move outside one’s comfort zone.   I also struggled with identifying my ideal clients and how to most effectively market to them.

After working with Mandy I have a much clearer picture of who my ideal client is, which has allowed me the ability to market directly to that person in a most efficient and effective way.

Mandy has been really impactful in taking me from a place of “can’t, don’t want to, this isn’t for me” to “this is where I should be, I can, and I want to”. This is a wonderful win-win situation for myself and my clients.

If you know you need the push to really stretch your comfort zone and grow your business, working with Mandy will most certainly do that for you!

– Paula Birmingham, CFP®
Personal Financial Planner and owner of Maine Coast Financial, LLC

“I invited Mandy to speak at a lunch and learn hosted by PROPEL, the young members network affiliated with the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce. Mandy was incredibly receptive, and tailored a presentation to fit our audience. Speaking on the subject of multiple generations in the workplace, her presentation was interesting, informative, and of great value to the four generations of audience members. I very much look forward to working with Mandy again, and recommend her highly.”

– Emma P. Lishness, Manager of Marketing and Communications,
Tilson Technology Management

“Mandy was particularly helpful in enabling me to look through my passion for the business to the hard realities of being an effective entrepreneur in the marketplace.”

– C. Waite Maclin, founder and owner of Pastor Chuck Orchards

“With Mandy’s support, I was able to reach deep and recognize how my interpersonal interactions and communication style impacted my effectiveness as a leader. I attribute many of my successes and accomplishments this year to the highly effective coaching I’ve received.”

– Katherine Taylor Ph.D. Shire, HGT

“Perhaps the greatest lesson Mandy taught me is to look inward, to trust myself. Having a vision has never been my problem. I am a big picture person. For me, the challenge is having the confidence to go forth – and the commitment to take action. From my first coaching session with Mandy, I began taking steps toward achieving new heights in business.”

– Angela Smith, A. Smith Consultancy

“I recently took an amazing seminar – “How to Overcome Your Fear of Sales and Get More Customers NOW!” – lead by Mandy on behalf of Maine Center for Enterprise Development. In a very clear, concise, and interactive method, Mandy presented some very valuable take-away tips to help attendees with their business development strategies. I was fortunate to have a follow-up session with Mandy where she quickly grasped my business development obstacles. In a very empowering manner, Mandy worked with me to develop a strategy that I felt I could stick with. I highly recommend Mandy to entrepreneurs and executives who need a coach to help them with their business challenges.”

– Nancy Fendler, APR, Founding Partner, Fendler Communications

“I had grown so complacent with my ten year old business and was generally running out of creative steam. Mandy was just the shot in the arm my business needed. I am now holding myself and the people around me accountable. I found leads I didn’t know I had, hired a new sales person, and best of all, my sales are going up.  Before I hired Mandy, I had the feeling that my business was slipping away…. Now it’s: get out of my way or keep up. I’m going to hire Mandy again in four months to make sure I stay on task!  Thanks Mandy, for your insight, intelligence and generous spirit. You really know how to motivate.”

– Ghislaine Berube, Owner, Lobsterman’s Skin Care Products

AMAZING! Working with Mandy has enabled me to bring order to what had been a rather disorganized approach to running my studio.

I’m an artist and am so absorbed in the details of creating each piece that I didn’t make the time to run the business. With Mandy’s coaching I have been able to organize my studio practices, increase productivity, better anticipate deadlines, and look ahead to opportunities in the coming years. I may not be her typical client, but the expertise and enthusiasm that she applied to working with me have made an incredible difference in how I approach the business side of art.

– David G. Baker

“When I asked Mandy if she was comfortable coaching two owners who were just launching their company, she said she was up for the challenge. I have a high D type personality and have very high expectations of people and Mandy exceeded my expectations!

I feel that Mandy gave my partner and I the tools to work with each time we met, to keep us focused on our vision.”

– Sandy Bonney, co-founder and owner of Laser Focus Coaching

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