How Much Time Are You Working on Your Business?

Time-on-businessGetting overwhelmed as an entrepreneur can be a fairly frequent occurrence, because there are so many things to do at any given time. I recently talked with a couple of entrepreneurs who have really increased their business in the past couple of weeks to the point where things are starting to feel overwhelming and stressful.

And there’s fear. Big fear.

Fear of having all the new business they’ve picked up, run out, and dry up. Because right now, they are so busy working in the business that they can’t work on the business.

In other words, all the prospecting, networking, following up, and seeding they did in the past six months, has really paid off, but now they don’t have time to continue their prospecting efforts and they know they may have nothing in the coming months, because they haven’t been seeding prospects.

One of the other challenges is not feeling like there is the time to work on some of your longer term projects, or to set up some of the systems in your business that would really move you forward in the future.

These are common concerns and ones that I see fairly often and there is just one solution: you must make the time in your schedule to continue to network and prospect, as well as move some of your other projects forward.

Here are some thoughts that might be helpful:

1-This is a good time to analyze what worked in terms of your networking and prospecting work. Where did all the business come from? Was it one particular activity? Maybe you sent handwritten notes, maybe you attended a lot of networking events, and maybe it was one-on-one coffees. Really look at what activity worked the best in bringing in all the new business you currently have.

2-Next, you must set aside the time to do the activity you learned from your analysis in #1 above EVERY SINGLE WEEK…regardless of how busy you are right now! Only you are in charge of your schedule and it’s crucial to schedule a few hours, even an hour or two to continue the prospecting activity.

3-You must also schedule the time in your calendar to continue working on some of the longer range projects. Perhaps you can’t currently spend a lot of time on them, but it’s important to get dates blocked off in the future, so you’ve created the time and space to work on them.

Not blocking your calendar to make time for yourself to prospect new business, or work on the projects that will help move your business forward is one of the biggest downfalls for entrepreneurs. It turns into a “feast or famine” situation over and over and over again. You either have too much business or no business. Using the three tips I listed above will help round out that roller coaster feeling for your income stream.

Please leave a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and if you found this post helpful!

Mandy works with talented, high energy self employed professionals and very small businesses who struggle to market their business effectively, stretch their capacity and play a bigger game. Mandy’s client’s receive proven, specific information on what they need to do to get more clients and grow their business. As a result, those who coach with Mandy increase their business, get more clients and make more money, faster and easier than they ever would have on their own. Sign up for her free Cd “7 Productivity Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs” right down below.

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