Congratulate Yourself!

Keys-to-Success“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”
Oprah Winfrey

This time of year it’s natural to start looking ahead at the New Year and thinking about making plans and intentions in order to have a more successful business and/or life.

But before you start doing that, one of the things I’d encourage you to do is list your successes from 2013. Take the time to look at what worked for you in your business and in your life, congratulate yourself and take those things into the plans you’re making for the New Year.

We spend so much of our time looking at and complaining about what’s not working in our business, that we overlook the good things that we’ve accomplished.

So here are some suggestions you might want to consider doing before you start making your 2014 plans:

1-Make a list of all of your successes in 2013. Take the time to sit with your list and read it! Feel good about all that you did do and accomplished this year and congratulate yourself!

2-Share your list with at least three people. Other people like to hear success stories and enjoy being part of something good. Share your successes with others!

3-Start keeping a daily list of your successes-keep these in a success journal. Then next year-it won’t be so challenging to think of all of your successes-you’ll have them right in your book!

4-Reach out and thank everyone who supported you: Customers, employees, family members, friends, community etc. This is a great way to celebrate!

5-Treat yourself to something really nice-something that’s meaningful to you. Whether it’s something expensive, a vacation or spa treatment, or an afternoon to yourself-take the time to rest on your laurels!

These five steps can really help you get clear on the things that are working for you and that you’d like to do MORE of in 2014. Figuring out what’s working and making you successful and building on those successes is what’s going to make 2014-your best year ever!

And by the way, CONGRATULATIONS for all you’ve accomplished this year! Great job!

Mandy works with talented, high energy self employed professionals and very small businesses who struggle to market their business effectively, stretch their capacity and play a bigger game. Mandy’s client’s receive proven, specific information on what they need to do to get more clients and grow their business. As a result, those who coach with Mandy increase their business, get more clients and make more money, faster and easier than they ever would have on their own. Sign up for her free Cd “7 Productivity Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs” right down below.

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