Challenged with Staying Accountable to Yourself and Others?

timthumbOne of the most common issues that entrepreneurs often speak to me about is the ongoing challenge of staying accountable. Most of us have no trouble in coming up with the next “great idea” we want to implement in our business, but when it comes down to actually implementing it and sticking with it, well, that sometimes is where the challenges come into play.

This week, I spoke with several potential entrepreneurs who were all looking at making an investment by hiring a coach for their business and ALL of them talked about the challenge of staying accountable on a daily basis. It is hard, particularly since many of us work alone or in a small group and we don’t have someone asking us each day, “Where are you on this?” “Have you completed that?” Or, “What! You’re going to start doing that, before you’ve finished the last thing?”

It can be challenging staying accountable to ourselves on a daily basis. Here are some tips that might help you stay accountable to your goals and intentions for 2014.

1-Don’t have too many goals

People find it easier to stick to things if you have a shorter list. Developing a list of 3-5 goals for 2014 will help you feel less overwhelmed and more likely to stay accountable and focused than if you have a list of 10—20 items.

2-Find an accountability partner

Find someone who will NOT let you get away with anything! Firm and tough, not sweet and nice! You want to share with them your goals for the year-so they have a good understanding of the big picture. Make sure you take the time for this part. Then figure out a schedule as to how often you will touch base with them, whether daily, three times a week, twice a week, whatever works for you. Then STICK WITH IT! The phone calls (and I strongly suggest phone calls-much easier than trying to meet in person) only need to be 5-10 minutes max. If you have the right partner, this is a great way to stay accountable.

3-Publicly announce what you’re going to do

Publicly announcing your new idea on your blog or social media sites is a great way to “put it out there”. Then, there are lots of people who will want to hold you accountable!

Staying accountable is absolutely necessary if you want to have a successful business and there are lots of ways to do it. What works for you in your business? Please share it in the comments section below! Also, if you would like to have a complimentary session with me in 2014 to see how we can help you be more accountable and exponentially grow your business, please click here to set up your appointment!

Mandy works with talented, high energy self employed professionals and very small businesses who struggle to market their business effectively, stretch their capacity and play a bigger game. Mandy’s client’s receive proven, specific information on what they need to do to get more clients and grow their business. As a result, those who coach with Mandy increase their business, get more clients and make more money, faster and easier than they ever would have on their own. Sign up for her free Cd “7 Productivity Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs” right down below.

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