Are You Building Value With Your Clients?

“Customer care is not a technique-it’s a mindset”


Too often as entrepreneurs, we get so focused on getting new clients that we sometimes forget to “take care” of our current client base. It’s really important in your business tomake your clients feel special and significant in any way you can. Reaching out with a small gift, a personal note or just anything to say, “I’m thinking of you…” goes a long way in going from “client” to “loyal client” or “raving fan.”

Everyone like to feel significant, so it’s your job to find ways to WOW them! And remember, it doesn’t have to be expensive, adding value doesn’t have to “cost” something. Sometimes the simplest things are the most profound!

So here’s a list of some things (and most are pretty inexpensive) that you can do on a REGULAR BASIS to build more value with your customers.

  • Send eCards
  • Join Send Out Cards ( and start sending lovely personalized cards-or send one to celebrate your client’s successes
  • Cut out comics from the newspaper that are relevant for your client and mail them with a personalized note
  • Do some research for them about a topic they are interested in, copy and paste it into a document and e-mail it to them
  • Make a donation (even if it’s $5) to their favorite charity
  • Make a personal phone call-just to check in
  • Handwritten note or letter to say congratulations on their accomplishment
  • Send them a book that you’ve found inspiring
  • Gift certificate for a manicure at their favorite place
  • A recorded CD or report that you have on hand that would be beneficial to them
  • Send them a video you’ve recorded especially for them

Who can you surprise today with a token of appreciation or a kind word that will make them feel special? I urge you to list three names and what you will do to make a personal connection with him or her today.

1. ________________________________________________________________

2. ________________________________________________________________

3. ________________________________________________________________

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