3 Tips for Getting Unstuck

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” Ayn Rand

We all have been in that place of feeling stuck at some point in our lives.  You know, that place that feels as if there are few, if any options for relief.  That place where no matter how many times we play it over and over in our minds, we keep ending up with the same outcome. It’s just stuck, plain stuck.

And it is a story.  It’s the story we tell ourselves over and over.  “I can’t travel, because I don’t have the money”, or “I couldn’t possibly go to that workshop, who would take care of the kids?  Or “I’d love to start my own business, but at my age?”  These are the stories we tell ourselves that keep us stuck-right where we are.

And until we STOP telling ourselves our stories, becoming really present with what is, and begin telling ourselves the truth-we will remain stuck forever.   When you are feeling stuck a couple of questions you may want to consider are, “Who should be doing what differently?” and “Who is holding you back?”  The answers might really surprise you.

Here are three strategies for getting yourself unstuck, or unhooked from your story…

1-Tell your truth

First you need to recognize when you feel stuck, that you are telling yourself a story.  Get curious about the story-is it true?  “I can’t afford to take that workshop”, “I can’t get traction on my business, because I have to take care of the kids”.  Where are the true parts?  Did you make it up?  Are they excuses? The first step is to STOP with the stories and start telling the truth.  What is it that you really want?  What is real for you?  Then start crafting a new story, the true story.

2-Ask for what you want

Many of us are not able to ask for what we want. We think we’re asking, but mostly, we are complaining, whining and criticizing others because we don’t have what we want-and we’ve never asked for it. Get clear on what you want, and make the request. Do you want your husband to do more around the house?  Then ask him.  Do you want your wife to be more supportive of your dreams?  Then ask her.  Do you need your neighbors to watch your kids for an hour a week?  Then ask them.  Many of us would rather complain and stay stuck than risk hearing a “no” from our request-so we never ask.

Just ask!

3-Take action

One of the ways to get yourself unstuck is to just get momentum going. Take massive action. Start moving forward, one step in front of the other.  Not willy-nilly.  Not without direction, but start making some decisions.  Believe me, by just changing your story to your true story and begin asking for what you want-every time-you will already start to feel better, and start becoming unstuck.

Mandy works with talented, bright, high energy self employed professionals and very small businesses who struggle to market their business effectively, stretch their capacity and play a bigger game.  And who would like to overcome their fear of sales, change their mindset, increase their self-confidence, and create a step-by-step strategy for taking their business to the next level. Mandy’s client’s receive proven, specific information on what they need to do to get more clients and grow their business.  As a result, those who coach with Mandy increase their business, get more clients and make more money, faster and easier than they ever would have on their own.  Mandy offers one-on-one coaching and consulting, as well as facilitates workshops and teleclasses and speaks on a variety of topics.

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