3 Lessons I Learned from Andy Murray

Andy-MurrayWatching Andy Murray recently win the 2013 Wimbledon Championship by beating Novak Djocovic in a grueling three set win was a really moving experience for me. Even though I’m not a huge tennis fan (I play, but don’t really follow the game) it was clearly a testimony to strength, skill and physical resistance from both players.

But there were several other things I learned from Andy Murray that day, and from some of the subsequent interviews, that I think are three great lessons for us entrepreneurs to take to heart.

Lesson #1-Visioning

In several of the interviews I saw with Murray after the match, he spoke about how early on he would dream about winning Wimbledon. He would see himself as the winner, feeling it, experiencing it, and being right there in Centre Court holding the trophy. As entrepreneurs, we need to be able to hold the vision of the pinnacle of our success in our mind’s eye every day. What does it look like, and feel like? What are you wearing? Who’s with you? Making a practice of really mentally putting yourself in the place you desire to be in your life and business can help pull you forward and achieve your goals.

Lesson #2 Staying Focused and Getting Back on Track

Watching Murray in the 2013 Wimbledon men’s finals was truly an example of one staying focused on the prize. As entrepreneurs, we often lose our focus, get pulled off our game, and get pulled off track. We fall for the “next bright, shiny, object syndrome”.

One of the keys to success is to retain your focus and when you lose it, and swiftly get back on track. The third set of this match was a grueling back and forth between the players, on the hottest day of the year with very high, intensive energy from the crowd and a lot at stake. Keeping focused and staying on track was one of the keys to Murray’s win over Djocovic.

Lesson #3 Never Give Up

Andy Murray’s career has certainly had its ups and downs and he’s worked incredibly hard to get to where he is today. The fact he never gave up even during some very trying times in his career is a lesson we can all learn from.

“The story of my career is that I had a lot of tough losses,” Murray said afterwards, “but the one thing I would say is that every year I always improved a little bit. They weren’t major improvements, or massive changes, but every year my ranking was going in the right direction.”

Moving forward, making improvements and not giving up. Many times, entrepreneurs get discouraged and give up when things start to get tough, or when they aren’t getting the success they want. When you get a chance take a look at Andy Murray’s career and you’ll see several times when he could have easily given up and walked away from tennis.

But on Sunday, July 7, 2013 it all paid off.

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