What Will You Stop Doing in 2014

stop_doingThis time of year is often filled with goal-setting, intention-making and feeling like we have a clean slate on which to create what we want in our lives. All good and well.

However, one of the things that I continually see happening is that people create the things they want to start doing and just try and add it to the already long, overwhelming list of things they are already doing!

It’s no wonder so many times by February or March of the new year, we get lost in our goals and end up becoming overwhelmed and just giving up

So here’s a thought.

Why not take some time figuring out what you’re going to stop doing in 2014—in order to make room for the new? These might be things like volunteer work, board work, or extra-curricular things you’ve taken on.

Or they might be bad habits, over-scheduling and your lack of ability to say “no”. Whatever the case, I challenge you to make a list of 10 things you will STOP DOING in 2014 and post it near your computer or desk and make a plan to stop doing them as soon as you can. Perhaps some of them will just be a temporary stop, but others should’ve perhaps, come off the list years ago.

So, go on. Be brutal and put your list together today. And feel free to share your list below in the comment section because your item(s) might be super helpful to others!

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