The True Meaning of Self-Discipline for Your Success

quotes-with-self-discipline_10364-3My son Cade, recently began taking karate lessons. I don’t know a lot about martial arts, although for a very brief period between ages 10-11 I took judo lessons, because my mother thought it would help me be more ‘well-rounded”.

Cade is taking a form of karate called, “Chun-Kuk-Do”, which claims to cultivate high character in the lives of individuals.

In a handout he recently received, there’s a section on “The True Meaning of Self-Discipline for Your Success”. Which is defined as “doing what you should when you should do it-whether you feel like it or not. And without being told multiple times by anyone.”


It really struck me that this definition absolutely gets at the essence of self-discipline. When I think about my own business and a lot of the things I don’t like doing, but must do such as administrative tasks, or sometimes writing my newsletter and there doesn’t seem to be anything obvious to write about. Or when I need to be doing more marketing, or following up with prospects.

If I just “did what I should, when I should do it-whether I feel like it or not”. It seems an almost over-simplified concept, yet when I think about the places in my life where I lack self-discipline, or where my clients lack self-discipline, the practice can be very challenging.

So I ask you to look at your own business or life. Where are the places where you could use more self-discipline, that if applied would make a big difference in your business, or your quality of life? Someone once told me that many times making small changes in your life can make major differences in your life (or business). And the foundation to doing that is in self-discipline.

What are you willing to start doing that maybe you don’t feel like doing, but know by doing so, would make a major difference in your business? Let me know in the comments section below-I’d love to support you in your effort!

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