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How to Ask For What You Want!

FR*EE Teleclass, Thursday, March 21st 1-2pm EST

  • Do you have trouble asking for what you want? More pay, a promotion, less work, more help, more feedback etc?
  • Are you afraid to ask for more money (or raise your prices) because you might seem greedy?
  • Are you afraid to ask for what you want, because you think you already know the answer (which you've made up in your head!)?
  • Have you been taught to "wait for good things to happen"?
  • Do you feel you should "just be happy with what you have"?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you MUST join me for this life-changing teleclass Thursday, March 21st from 1-2 pm EST.

Are you someone who feels when you ask for what you want you're being selfish? Often times we've either been brought up to believe that we're selfish or self-centered when we ask for what we want. Maybe it's a promotion, or more money, or more help around the house, or maybe it's more flexibility in your job. It can be lots of things.

If asking for what you want makes you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious-you are not alone!

In case you don't know me, I am Mandy Schumaker, founder of Higher Performing People. I am passionate about inspiring and supporting others on how to improve their lives and achieve their highest potential and for the past nine years, I have helped people play a bigger game in their business and in their lives, overcoming fears, increasing their self-confidence and showing up in a more authentic way.

Many years ago, I remember being afraid to ask for what I wanted because I had already decided (in my head) that the answer would probably be no, or I felt I was being selfish, or would stand out and people would judge me for being pushy or arrogant.

But over the years, as I felt called to something bigger, I knew learning to ask for what I wanted would help me play bigger and reach my highest potential. That there were endless possibilities that would open up for me if I just asked. Ask for more support. Ask for a referral. Ask for more money. Ask for the business. Ask for more help.

So over time, I learned how to overcome those feelings of guilt, self-consciousness and unworthiness and learned how to ask for what I wanted in a way that was authentic, inspiring and empowering!

And I would like to pass along this knowledge to you in this fr*ee 60 minute teleclass, held Thursday, March 21st from 1-2pm EST. The information I am sharing in this teleclass will immediately help you learn how to ask for what you want, and because I've gathered much of the step by step strategies and solutions myself along the way, it will save you time in trying to "fix it" on your own.

"I am setting up a completely new business in a new field. I am a business "virgin". I knew I wanted and needed business coaching. Initially I was attracted to Mandy because of her obvious and compelling honesty and no nonsense style. She is clearly passionate about what she does but in my view passion alone is not enough. There has to be purpose and professionalism in the passion – and Mandy has all of these qualities – and more.

Mandy has excellent coaching skills – she is a great listener. But she doesn't stop there! She really encouraged me to think big, to go as far as I think I can, to think of other ways to draw in clients and develop a client base. It is exciting and creative to work with Mandy. But above all what I am grateful for has been Mandy's great coaching and ideas in the arena of planning and scheduling and on pinning everything down with clear, well structured, well thought out schedules and plans. Mandy provides the framework for me to work with. This has focused my efforts, lead to less time wasting and more action.

Also I find Mandy to be an excellent role model. She is clearly very organized herself and has worked on developing great systems to run her own business. She is very generous in sharing all sorts of useful contacts and ideas.

I have still got a long way to go but I feel confident that thanks to Mandy Schumaker's solid foundations I will have a good chance of achieving my goals. Without this support I would not be feeling as optimistic as I do, nor as determined, nor as well equipped for the hard work that lies ahead."

- Rosalind Cutler
Parenting Coach with special expertise in working with multi-cultural families in expat environments

"I am so thankful that I found Mandy Schumaker and Higher Performing People.

To have someone with Mandy's experience and professionalism focused on my business has been amazing, empowering and transformative.

Since working with Mandy, I've been able to work through many of the roadblocks--mental and otherwise--that were preventing me from moving forward and succeeding in the way that I wanted to and that I knew was possible. Now I've been able to better focus on income-producing activities, make better long-term decisions and take more risks.

With Mandy's help I've been able to:
-Meet more ideal clients and like-minded business professionals who are 'playing a bigger game'
-Identify weaknesses in my business model and focus on the fundamentals, leading to a healthier business
-Put myself 'out there' in a bigger way, reaching out to prospects and networking in more effective ways."

- Brian Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald Photo

"Mandy has helped me set important goals, take practical steps toward achieving them, and better organize my freelance science writing and editing business. For example, within a month of our work together, I renegotiated a contract at rate that better reflected my years of experience as a science writer. Mandy was available and supportive every step of the way and helped me better appreciate my skills, worth and the caliber of my work. At the same time, she has helped me organize my business in ways that better serve my clients. Thanks to Mandy's practical planning suggestions, I'm less frazzled and better able to set realistic goals and meet multiple, intense deadlines.

I think what sets Mandy apart, however, is that she is a profoundly gifted listener and a creative problem-solver who is also high-powered, smart, good-humored and kind. That is a rare combination. In addition to helping me set practical goals for my business, Mandy is also helping me take steps toward achieving a dream: a book that has been in the gestation process for several years."

- Kim Ridley
Science Writer/Editor, Ridley Editorial, LLC

In this teleclass you will learn:

-How to ask in a way that is authentic, inspiring and empowering

-Free yourself from the negativity around the word "no"

-That "no" is not such a big deal, and doesn't mean it's "no" forever!

-To trust that what is good for you is good for the world

-Joyfully learn to ask for what you want and stop expecting others to "read your mind" or anticipate your needs

-That by asking for what you want will help you attain your highest potential!

Learning to ask for what you want will help you attain your highest potential! And isn't that what we're here to do?

I hope you can join me. I will also be offering valuable prizes on the call, so please be there live if you can. If you can't, please register anyway, I will be recording the call and will be happy to send you a copy of the recording within 24 hours of the call.

To your success,

Mandy Schumaker